Wednesday, 15 June 2011


Lukasz Wierzbowski
Paul theodor van brussel

Smith Westerns Album Cover

Braun Flemish

A shot from one of my disposibles

 Lukasz Wierzbowski for Urban Outfitters

Braun Flemish

As its “summer” (Debatable here in the UK) I’ve had a keen eye for floral arrangements, snapping every bloom I set my eyes on and jamming to the smiths possibly florally influenced by Morrissey and his oh so famous frantic flailing of bouquets. This new fascination with flowers could also be triggered by my wonderful outdoor flower given to me for my 19th birthday by fellow blogger Claire Tighe.
I found Lukasz Wierzbowski from his work with urban outfitters, I thought it was mesmerising, then I looked at his other pieces and they are phenomenal! So many different elements and contradicting subjects placed in unusual, intriguing manors creating a perfect balance.
Hoping to take some more pictures involving these influences.
Any Images I haven’t labelled are either more of Lukasz Wierzbowski work, random flowers from random blogs or of course Morrissey/The Smiths


  1. I love every pictures, plus I love the Smiths and Morrissey (like...everybody !)

    And thanks for your sweet comment !

    See U

  2. Thank you :D
    To any followers reading this my blogger won't let me veiw followers for some reason so I'd love for you guys to comment so I can check out your blogs too xxx

  3. Hey, dear! No porblem. Honestely just keep uo the great job, comment on other peoples blog, maybe open a chictopia/lookbook acount. Time will show how fast your blog will be growing!

    kisses j.

  4. Very very nice photos- floral power everywhere. I especially love the third to the last photo. xx