Wednesday, 8 June 2011


Been neglecting LAURA-MAY for far too long LAURA-MAY... also thinking of a name change, I have missed so many photography opportunities and style flaunts due to my messed up memory card, so have resorted to the disposables.

I’ve always loved that retro disposable look and how you only have that one frame to get your shot, but over time has become increasingly popular among my friends so have tried to avoid it. As I was becoming accustom to my disposable and loving the results I bought another from Wilkonson’s for VICE after hours with PUMA...bad idea not one shot came out which tore me apart.

Enough blubbering, all in all I’m back on the blogging scene and will have my SLR back in tact and hoping to regain blogging confidence do some more writing.


  1. those pictures make me go yay.
    and you - you look truly brilliant!


  2. wow your blog is theee shiat! should be waaaay more popular! keep up the great job taking so nice pics! :)

    x jeanne