Saturday, 12 February 2011


Antique Peter Rabbit Necklace given to me as child by my antique collecting aunt Mavis hated it when I was 10 "It's babyish" and now completely in love with it.
I'm fascinated by antiques and hope to have a home full of them after my student years, warn burgundy leather chesterfields, detailed dressing tables and Luxurious G/L's.

I love photography featured in dark, old and eary areas. I'm intregued by the story behind a battered old building, barbed wire fence or flaked paint work. Some beautiful examples of this inVOGUE ITALIA-VOUGE N706- ELIZONI CONDE NAST-GIUNO 2009 MENSILE unfortunately at the tender age of 16 I didn't under stand the value of a VOGUE ITALIA and demollished most of the interesting pages for my ketch book with out noting down the information.

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Friday, 11 February 2011


 The most beautiful skirt in the world, in a almost as beautiful location. I am a massive supporter of street style, rebellion against the trend and expressing ones inner beauty. I wish I had more resources of stores in Liverpool, there's a lack of vintage and a lack of boutiques. I will be taking full advantage of London next weekend.

It's hard to keep my obsession with American Apparel under control. I adore their clothes, ads and general ethic,. I feel a part of the AA culture with their reviews freedom to post your AA looks on the site and the use of real people rather than models (all still fairly attractive).
There is so much I could say about AA so I'll save it for another post.

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Thursday, 10 February 2011


 This is my final shot from an inspiration of crime scenes and serial killers. I developed a serious of montage, illustration and photography to develop my thought trail, rather than your standard print and stick method.
I won't go too much into my direction, think of it what you will.